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Gingival (Gum) Graft

Gum tissue serves several purposes: it keeps your sensitive tooth roots from being exposed to the elements, it covers your bone tissue to prevent deterioration, and it contributes to a healthy looking smile. To remedy thin or missing gum tissue, Dr. Peiser can perform a gingival graft, also known as a gum graft or a soft-tissue graft.

Thinning Gums

When gum tissue is very thin and vulnerable to recession, we can place a gum graft to enhance the gumline. We typically take tissue from the palate of the mouth, where gum tissue is thicker, more resilient, and high-quality. Soft-tissue grafts can predictably prevent recession, sensitivity, and cosmetic problems that result when gums recede.

Exposed Roots

Exposed tooth roots can cause your teeth to be extremely sensitive. Many patients also dislike the way the resulting elongated teeth appear in their smile. A gum graft, performed in the same manner as for “thinning gums,” can improve the cosmetics of the area, as well as prevent further recession.

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